MESSAGE FROM George Barnette:
We have calls for help in four other parts of the country, some requiring specific training, some not.
1. West Virginia, site of the most recent disaster, is starting to schedule relief teams to help residents recover from the devastating flash flooding. The response for the conference there is being headed by Revs Dan and Sue Lowther, 304-642-0897 and -0896, respectively, or email them at or
2. Central ...Texas — Granbury and Cisco — are still recovering from their own flooding. The Central Texas Conference is asking for trained Early Response Teams to assist. Their list appeal said they could provide shelter with kitchen and shower facilities, so I assume that’s still available. Good idea to check, though. Leaders are Rev Laraine Waughtal at and Sheryl Crumine at
3. Virginia had tornadoes last February and long-term recovery is going on now, rebuilding homes. They have some open weks this summer and into the fall for incoming work teams, and would love to have you fill one or two. There are worse places than autumn in Virginia. Contact for the Virginia Conference is Forrest White at
4. Florida is a good place for the summer, but they’re picky about who comes. Centiury, Fla, is an hour north of Pensacola, and had tornadoes in that February outbreak. Now they need to begin demolition on some homes, and to do that, they ened to clear debris — including trees — off house roofs. They need teams and individuals who are trained and certified as chain-saw operators or as roof tarpers. Florida Conference’s recovery team coordinator is Lynn Dobry,